Balance tyres easy as ABC

Internal balancing method for tyres. 

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Fuel savings - Extended Tyre Life - Reduced Maintenance Costs

The memory technology of the tempered glass beads inside the tyre provides a reduction in rolling resistance and savings in fuel economy.  ABC Beads completely balance wheel-ends; providing a smooth ride and cooler running tire temperatures. These key factors promote an even tread-wear and extend tyre life.  ABC Balancing Beads adjust to compensate for either a sudden change or progressive change in the state of tyre balance by migrating to the balance position.

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Tyre Application Chart

Off-road vehicles with an aggressive tire tread, add 2oz to the recommended application. ABC Balancing Beads can be installed through the valve stem. For any questions please feel free to contact us.

Light Truck

Class 1

Vehicle weight 2700kg or less

Class 2

Vehicle weight 2700kg to 4500kg

Delivery & Light Truck

Class 3

Vehicle weight 4500kg to 6400kg

Class 4

Vehicle weight 6400kgs to 7300kgs

Medium Duty Truck

Class 5

Vehicle weight 7300kgs to 8900kgs

Class 6

Vehicle weight 8900kgs to 11,800kgs

Heavy Duty Truck & Bus

Class 7

Vehicle weight 11,800kgs to 15,000kgs

Class 8

Vehicle weight 15,000kgs to 47,000kgs+

Class 1-4


Tire Size:
215/75R14 4oz
205/70R14 4oz
215/70R14 4oz


Tire Size:
700R15 4oz
7.50R15 6oz
8.25R15 6oz
9R15 8oz
10R15 8oz
215/80R15 4oz
195/75R15 40z
205/75R15  40z
215/75R15 4oz
225/75R15 4oz
235/75R15 4oz
245/75R15  40z
255/75R15  40z
265/75R15 40z
235/70R15  40z
245/70R15  40z
255/70R15 4oz
265/70R15 4oz
285/70R15  40z
315/70R15 6oz
245/65R15 4oz
225/60R15  4oz
325/60R15 6oz


Tire Size:
325/75R20 80z
275/65R20 6oz
275/60R20 6oz
325/60R20 6oz
255/60R20 6oz
275/55R20 4oz
285/55R20 4oz
255/50R20 4oz
285/50R20 4oz
305/50R20 6oz
325/50R20 6oz
355/50R20 6oz
325/45R20 6oz
275/40R20 6oz
315/35R20 6oz


Tire Size:
6.5R16 4oz
7.50R16 4oz
8.25R16 6oz
1R16 8oz
215/85R16 4oz
225/85R16 4oz
245/85R16 4oz
255/85R16 4oz
265/85R16 6oz
275/85R16 6oz
205/80R16 4oz
325/80R16 6oz
175/75R16 4oz
195/75R16 4oz
225/75R16 4oz
235/75R16 4oz
245/75R16 4oz
265/75R16 6oz
285/75R16 6oz
315/75R16 6oz
215/70R16 4oz
225/70R16 4oz
235/70R16 4oz
245/70R16 4oz
255/70R16 4oz
265/70R16 4oz
275/70R16 4oz
305/70R16 4oz
315/70R16 6oz
355/70R16 6oz
365/70R16 6oz
395/70R16 6oz
195/65R16 4oz
215/65R16 4oz
225/65R16 4oz
245/65R16 4oz
255/65R16 4oz
305/65R16 4oz
345/65R16 6oz
375/65R16 6oz
215/60R16 4oz
225/60R16 4oz
235/60R16 4oz
285/60R16 4oz
255/55R16 4oz
315/55R16 4oz
345/55R16 6oz
355/55R16 6oz
375/55R16 6oz
245/50R16 4oz


Tire Size:
8R16.5 6oz
8.75R16.5 6oz
9.50R16.5 6oz
10R16.5 6oz
12R16.5 6oz


Tire Size:
235/80R17 6oz
235/75R17 6oz
245/75R17 6oz
255/75R17 6oz
245/70R17 6oz
255/70R17 6oz
285/70R17 6oz
305/70R17 6oz
315/70R17 6oz
355/70R17 6oz
255/65R17 6oz
235/65R17 4oz
245/65R17 4oz
255/65R17 4oz
265/65R17 6oz
305/65R17 6oz
375/65R17 8oz
225/60R17 4oz
235/60R17 4oz
255/60R17 6oz
275/60R17 6oz
285/60R17 6oz
225/55R17 4oz
255/55R17 4oz
275/55R17 6oz
345/55R17 6oz
255/50R17 4oz


Tire Size:
325/55R22 6oz
335/55R22 6oz
325/50R22 6oz
305/45R22 6oz
305/40R22 6oz
285/35R22 6oz


Tire Size:
8R17.5 6oz
8.5R17.5 6oz
9R17.5 6oz
9.5R17.5 8oz
10R17.5 80z
11R17.5 80z
225/90R17.5 8oz
205/80R17.5 8oz
225/80R17.5 8oz
205/75R17.5 6oz
215/75R17.5 6oz
225/75R17.5 6oz
235/75R17.5 6oz
245/75R17.5 6oz
195/70R17.5 6oz
215/70R17.5 6oz
235/70R17.5 6oz
195/60R17.5 6oz
205/60R17.5 6oz
225/60R17.5 6oz


Tire Size:
7.50R18 8oz
255/70R18 6oz
285/60R18 6oz
325/60R18 6oz
375/60R18 8oz
395/60R18 8oz
255/55R18 4oz
275/55R18 4oz
285/55R18 4oz
285/50R18 4oz
375/50R18 6oz


Tire Size:
255/55R19 4oz
255/50R19 4oz
275/45R19 4oz
285/45R19 4oz


Tire Size:
325/45R24 6oz

Class 5-8

Off-Road and Lifted Pickups


Tire Size:
8R19.5 8oz
9R19.5 80z
18R19.5 14oz
280/75R19.5 8oz
285/75R19.5 8oz
225/70R19.5 8oz
245/70R19.5 8oz
265/70R19.5 8oz
275/70R19.5 10oz
285/70R19.5 10oz
305/70R19.5 12oz
385/65R19.5 14oz
445/65R19.5 14oz


Tire Size:
7.50R20 10oz
8.25R20 10oz
9.00R20 12oz
10.00R20 12oz
11R20 14oz
12.00R20 14oz
12.5R20 14oz
14/80R20 14oz
14.00R20 16oz
365/80R20 16oz
395/80R20 16oz


Tire Size:
525/65R20.5 20oz
615/65R20.5 20oz


Tire Size:
10.00R22 12oz
1.00R22 12oz


Tire Size:
9R22.5 10oz
10R22.5 10oz
11R22.5 12oz
12R22.5 14oz
13R22.5 12oz
15R22.5 12oz
16R22.5 14oz
16.5R22.5 14oz
18R22.5 16oz
235/80R22.5 6oz
255/80R22.5 8oz
275/80R22.5 12oz
295/80R22.5 14oz
315/80R22.5 14oz
365/80R22.5 14oz
245/75R22.5 10oz
265/75R22.5 10oz
285/75R22.5 12oz
295/75R22.5 12oz
315/75R22.5 12oz
345/75R22.5 12oz
350/75R22.5 14oz
235/70R22.5 8oz
255/70R22.5 10oz
11/70R22.5 10oz
265/70R22.5 10oz
275/70R22.5 12oz
305/70R22.5 12oz
315/70R22.5 12oz
365/70R22.5 120z
365/65R22.5 12oz
385/65R22.5 12oz
425/65R22.5 14oz
445/65R22.5 160z
285/60R22.5 10oz
295/60R22.5 10oz
305/60R22.5 10oz
315/60R22.5 10oz
385/55R22.5 12oz
455/55R22.5 16oz
275/50R22.5 10oz
445/50R22.5 16oz


Tire Size:
1.00R24 14oz
12.00R24 14oz
14.00R24 16oz
445/70R24 16oz
495/70R24 16oz


Tire Size:
11R24.5 12oz
12R24.5 14oz
285/75R24.5 12oz
305/75R24.5 12oz
315/75R24.5 12oz
275/80R24.5 12oz
295/80R24.5 12oz


Tire Size:
35/12.5 R20 14oz
35/13.5 R20 14oz
36/13.5 R20 14oz
37/13.5 R20 14oz
38/13.5 R20 14oz
33/12.5 R20 12oz
37/12.5 R20 14oz

33/12.5 R22 14oz
35/12.5 R22 14oz
37/12.5 R22 14oz
36/13.5 R22 112oz
37/13.5 R22 16oz
38/13.5 R22 16oz

33/12.5 R18 12oz
34/12.5 R18 12oz
35/12.5 R18 12oz
36/12.5 R18 12oz
37/12.5 R18 12oz
42/12.5 R18 12oz

33/13.5 R18 12oz
36/13.5 R18 12oz
37/13.5 R18 14oz
38/13.5 R18 14oz
40/13.5 R18 14oz

35/14.5 R18 12oz
38/14.5 R18 14oz
40/14.5 R18 14oz
41/14.5 R18 16oz

33/12.5 R17 12oz
35/12.5 R17 12oz
37/12.5 R17 14oz

33/13.5 R17 12oz
36/13.5 R17 14oz
37/13.5 R17 14oz
40/13.5 R17 14oz

35/14.5 R17 12oz

31/12.5 R16 10oz
32/12.5 R16 10oz
33/12.5 R16 10oz
34/12.5 R16 10oz
35/12.5 R16 12oz
36/12.5 R16 12oz
37/12.5 R16 12oz

33/13.5 R16 10oz
36/13.5 R16 12oz
40/13.5 R16 14oz

33/14.5 R16 12oz
35/14.5 R16 12oz
36/14.6 R16 14oz
38/14.5 R16 14oz
40/14.5 R16 16oz

31/12.5 R15 8oz
32/12.5 R15 10oz
33/12.5 R15 10oz
34/12.5 R15 10oz
35/12.5 R15 10oz
36/12.5 R15 12oz
37/12.5 R15 12oz
38/12.5 R15 12oz

31/13.5 R15 8oz
33/13.5 R15 610oz
35/13.5 R15 12oz
37/13.5 R15 12oz
40/13.5 R15 14oz

31/14.5 R15 10oz
33/14.5 R15 12oz
35/14.5 R15 12oz
36/14.5 R15 14oz
37/14.5 R15 14oz
40/14.5 R15 14oz


Tire Size:
27/8.5R14 4oz


Tire Size:
31/10.50R16.5 6oz
33/12.50R16.5 8oz
35/12.50R16.5 8oz
37/12.50R16.5 10oz
33/14.50R16.5 10oz
35/14.50R16.5 10oz
38/15.50R16.5 12oz
33/16.50R16.5 10oz
36/16.50R16.5 12oz
40/17B16.5 14oz
44/18.50B16.5 14oz


Tire Size:
33/12.50R17 10oz
35/12.50R17 10oz
37/12.50R17 10oz
37/13.50R17 10oz
40/13.50R17 10oz


Tire Size:
35/12.5 R20 12oz
35/13.5 R20 12oz
36/13.5 R20 12oz
37/13.5 R20 12oz
38/13.5 R20 12oz
33/12.5 R20 10oz
37/12.5 R20 12oz

33/12.5 R22 12oz
35/12.5 R22 12oz
37/12.5 R22 12oz
36/13.5 R22 12oz
37/13.5 R22 14oz
38/13.5 R22 14oz

33/12.5 R18 10oz
34/12.5 R18 10oz
35/12.5 R18 10oz
36/12.5 R18 10oz
37/12.5 R18 10oz
42/12.5 R18 10oz

33/13.5 R18 10oz
36/13.5 R18 10oz
37/13.5 R18 12oz
38/13.5 R18 12oz
40/13.5 R18 12oz

35/14.5 R18 10oz
38/14.5 R18 12oz
40/14.5 R18 12oz
41/14.5 R18 14oz

33/12.5 R17 10oz
35/12.5 R17 10oz
37/12.5 R17 12oz

33/13.5 R17 10oz
36/13.5 R17 12oz
37/13.5 R17 12oz
40/13.5 R17 12oz

35/14.5 R17 10oz

31/12.5 R16 8oz
32/12.5 R16 8oz
33/12.5 R16 8oz
34/12.5 R16 8oz
35/12.5 R16 10oz
36/12.5 R16 10oz
37/12.5 R16 10oz

33/13.5 R16 8oz
36/13.5 R16 10oz
40/13.5 R16 12oz

33/14.5 R16 10oz
35/14.5 R16 10oz
36/14.6 R16 12oz
38/14.5 R16 12oz
40/14.5 R16 14oz

31/12.5 R15 8oz
32/12.5 R15 8oz
33/12.5 R15 8oz
34/12.5 R15 8oz
35/12.5 R15 8oz
36/12.5 R15 10oz
37/12.5 R15 10oz
38/12.5 R15 10oz

31/13.5 R15 8oz
33/13.5 R15 8oz
35/13.5 R15 10oz
37/13.5 R15 10oz
40/13.5 R15 12oz

31/14.5 R15 8oz
33/14.5 R15 10oz
35/14.5 R15 10oz
36/14.5 R15 12oz
37/14.5 R15 12oz
40/14.5 R15 12oz


Tire Size:
29/9.50R15 8oz
30/9R15 8oz
33/9.50R15 8oz
31/10.50R15 8oz
33/10.50R15 8oz
31/11.50R15 8oz
32/11.50R15 8oz
31/12.50R15 8oz
32/12.50R15 8oz
33/12.50R15 8oz
35/12.50R15 8oz
36/12.50R15 10oz
37/12.50R15 10oz
35/13.50R15 10oz
31/14.50R15 8oz
33/14.50R15 10oz
36/14.50R15 10oz
38/15.50R15 12oz
33/16.50R15 10oz
36/16.50R15 12oz
40/17R15 12oz
44/18.50R15 12oz


Tire Size:
35/12.50R20 12oz


Tire Size:
35/12.5 R20 10oz
35/13.5 R20 10oz
36/13.5 R20 10oz
37/13.5 R20 10oz
38/13.5 R20 10oz
33/12.5 R20 8oz
37/12.5 R20 10oz

33/12.5 R22 10oz
35/12.5 R22 10oz
37/12.5 R22 10oz
36/13.5 R22 10oz
37/13.5 R22 12oz
38/13.5 R22 12oz

33/12.5 R18 8oz
34/12.5 R18 8oz
35/12.5 R18 8oz
36/12.5 R18 8oz
37/12.5 R18 8oz
42/12.5 R18 10oz

33/13.5 R18 8oz
36/13.5 R18 8oz
37/13.5 R18 10oz
38/13.5 R18 10oz
40/13.5 R18 10oz

35/14.5 R18 8oz
38/14.5 R18 10oz
40/14.5 R18 12oz
41/14.5 R18 12oz

33/12.5 R17 8oz
35/12.5 R17 8oz
37/12.5 R17 10oz

33/13.5 R17 8oz
36/13.5 R17 10oz
37/13.5 R17 10oz
40/13.5 R17 10oz

35/14.5 R17 8oz

31/12.5 R16 6oz
32/12.5 R16 6oz
33/12.5 R16 6oz
34/12.5 R16 6oz
35/12.5 R16 8oz
36/12.5 R16 8oz
37/12.5 R16 8oz

33/13.5 R16 6oz
36/13.5 R16 8oz
40/13.5 R16 10oz

33/14.5 R16 8oz
35/14.5 R16 8oz
36/14.6 R16 10oz
38/14.5 R16 10oz
40/14.5 R16 12oz

31/12.5 R15 6oz
32/12.5 R15 6oz
33/12.5 R15 6oz
34/12.5 R15 6oz
35/12.5 R15 6oz
36/12.5 R15 8oz
37/12.5 R15 8oz
38/12.5 R15 8oz

31/13.5 R15 6oz
33/13.5 R15 6oz
35/13.5 R15 8oz
37/13.5 R15 8oz
40/13.5 R15 10oz

31/14.5 R15 6oz
33/14.5 R15 8oz
35/14.5 R15 8oz
36/14.5 R15 10oz
37/14.5 R15 10oz
40/14.5 R15 10oz


Tire Size:
32/9.50R16 6oz
35/10.50R16 6oz
31/12.50R16 6oz
32/12.50R16 6oz
33/12.50R16 6oz
35/12.50R16 6oz
36/12.50R16 8oz
37/12.50R16 8oz
33/14.50R16 8oz
36/14.50R16 10oz
38/15.50R16 10oz


Tire Size:
35/12.50R18 6oz
37/12.50R18 8oz

NOTE – For aggressive Mud Terrain Tires add an additional 2oz per tire application.