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Chemvulc Online - The complete one-stop-shop for Retreaders, Tyre Shops and OTR Tyre Specialists!

Welcome to the most comprehensive product range of tyre repair materials for repairing tubes, passenger, truck and OTR tyres. You will find a complete range of retreading equipment, solutions and cements, valves, wheel weights, airline equipment and gauges, tyre tools and accessories. Our products are of the highest quality, ensuring long lasting repairs and equipment that delivers.

Click on the product catagories on the side bar to search for products. Feel free to contact us if you dont see what you need, we will be happy to help you, contact details are on the contact us page.

Tyre Repair Products...

A complete range of tyre repair patches and products for every possible application - Passenger, Truck, Retreading and Earthmover tyres. Browse our tyre repair products

Earthmover tyre repair systems...

Check out our EM tyre repair products, simple and robust for hard working environments. Click here to browse our EM systems.


Widest range of tools and equipment for changing and maintianing tyres. Browse tyre equipment products

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